Welcome Letter
Dear Families, 
We are off to a great start at Davidson! Welcome to all of our new and returning families.  Here are some guidelines to follow during parent pick-up. If we all follow the procedures correctly, dismissal is efficient and safe for all our students. 
  1. Students wait for parents with their teacher. There is a sign posted for each grade level around the parking lot loop. First grade is at the beginning, followed in order thru fifth grade. Kindergarten is at the end of the loop. 
  2. Please pull up to the curb. We will not allow students to walk into the parking lot because it's just not safe. 
  3. Please keep the middle lane moving. Cars should only stop up to the curb. You may need to go around the loop more than once before you can pull up to the curb. 
  4. The handicap spots up front are reserved for those with handicap plates. Please keep them free for our community members who truly need them. 
That's it! The first days of school, parent pick up has only taken about 10 minutes which is fantastic. Thank you for your support, patience, and for keep all of our PAX Leaders safe!
Mrs. Andricopoulos, Proud Principal of Davidson
[email protected]